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Our Location


Yachana is located in the Amazon Region of Ecuador near the Napo River. Here are a few facts about our beautiful home.

  • The Napo River is a tributary to the Amazon River that rises in Ecuador on the eastern side of the Andean volcanoes.

  • The Napo basin covers an area of 27,000 km2.

  • Ecuador has been know to be part of the Amazon Basin since its discovery by the Spanish Explorer Francisco Orellana, when he departed Quito in 1541.

  • In what is know today as El Coca, Orellana recorded the confluence the Coca River (runoff from Antisana Volcano) and the Napo River (from the Cotopaxi Volcano runoff).

  • The Napo River passes through diverse ecologically regions including two biosphere reserves (Sumaco and Yasuni).

  • In these regions more species of plant and trees can be found in a few hectares than in all of North America.

  • Yachana is situated on a bluff overlooking the Napo River within our Protected Reserve of 2,500 acres (1,000 hectares)and offers direct access to local experiences of the area.

  • The property overlooks the Napo River and is upstream from Coca and is accessible by canoe or private transportation.

Getting here by car


Traveling to Yachana by car is a great way to experience the Sierra and the Oriente.

During your journey to Yachana, you will experience the differences in landscapes and vegetation driving from Quito 9350 feet (2850 meters) through the central valley to the east and crossing the highest point along the route at the Papallacta Pass and the Tomb de La Virgen 13,779 feet (4200 meters).

Papallacta is about 2 hours from Quito and a perfect place to stop and enjoy the thermal baths and see hummingbirds.

From here the road continues to descend as you pass beautiful waterfalls and views of the volcano Antisana 18,891 feet (5758 meters) as you approach the town of Baeza. Baeza is an excellent location to experience a local Ecuadorian lunch of trout – just ask for Gina’s.

From Baeza to Yachana Lodge the route enters the region of the Oriente.

Fun fact: This same route was taken by the Spanish conquer Francisco de Orellana in 1542, in his quest across the Amazon basin.


Driving Directions

From Quito, take E20 east toward Papallacta, Baeza, to the Hollin-Loreto-Coca left fork that will lead you toward Yachana.

Approximate travel time from Quito is 5.5 hours without stops. Add 2 hours to visit the thermal springs and another hour for lunch in Baeza.

Flying to Yachana


Currently there are two airlines that fly between Quito and Coca during the week. Avianca/Aerogal and Tame offer flights to and from Coca Monday through Friday. Flight times are approximately one hour and passengers need to be at the airport about 90 minutes before departure times.

  • Avianca/Aerogal and Tame Airlines depart Mariscal Sucre International Airport(UIO) which is located about 11 miles(18 kilometers) east of Quito, Ecuador. Travels times via taxi between Quito and the airport are between 1 hour and 1.5 hours depending on traffic.

  • Return flights depart Coca from Francisco de Orellana Airport(OCC) which is located approximately 2.5 hours via canoe or 2 hours via private taxi from Yachana Lodge.

Flight days and times can change without notice. For specific arrival and departure times for flights and transportation to and from Yachana Lodge, please contact us and we will gladly assist you with airline tickets for domestic flights and/or transportation to and from Yachana Lodge.

Transportation to/from Quito to Mariscal Sucre International Airport(UIO) can be arranged directly via taxi at respective hotels.


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