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Rainforest Conservation

No matter where on earth you are, you can make a difference
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The Amazon Jungle is the lungs of the earth

At the Yachana we believe that a bright future depends on our ability to preserve and care for our world and especially, the Amazon Rainforest. We have many ways that you can be involved too. Contribute to the conservation of the world's largest rainforest. Offset your carbon footprint. Help care for the unique biodiversity that is found here. 


We have two different donation programs, "Footprints for Life" which is intended to offset your personal carbon footprint and a "In Lieu of Flowers" donation to further the conservation work of the Yachana that can be made in honor of someone special in your life who loves the earth- perhaps at a birthday or anniversary, perhaps at death. It's a special and unique gift that keeps on giving.


The rainforest will keep on giving for as long as we care for it

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