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Social Programs

The Amazon is more than just Rainforest,
it is the people who live here.

Elders Program

Elderly people need to feel useful, have inter-generational contact, be active physically and stimulated with new ideas in nature.


300 elderly people will visit Yachana weekly to participate in agricultural projects in the rainforest. Participants have been farmers and will feel "at home" with this focus.


The innovator of the program is Douglas McMeekin, who is 78 years old, has lived at Yachana since 1992 and can relate to the needs and limitations of his generation.

Yachana Elders 17
Yachana Elders 16
Yachana Elders 15
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Chicken Donation

In the Amazon, as in almost the entire world, there is a high consumption of chicken, the population raises its own chickens in the open field for the consumption of the family.

There is a particular breed that is especially desirable and difficult to get, the Creole Chickens (Pollos Criollos).

You can give away 5, Free Range Chickens and food for the first week, to one of the older participants with a donation of 15 dollars.


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