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5 Days & 4 Nights


Explore Further Into Ecuador’s Amazon

The Yachana 5 Day & 4 Night Itinerary allows a little more time explore the area and connect with nature. This tour allows you time to fully enjoy the variety of activities that Yachana has to offer

Example Itinerary

Day 1

If you'd like we can help to arrange for a trusted private driver to transport you from either the Quito Airport (about 5.5 hours) or the Coca Airport (about 2 hours) to our lodge. Your adventure starts here as you pass through various landscapes and small towns. Be on the lookout for monkeys and a beautiful display of wildlife as you venture further into the Amazon landscape.


The drive will take about two hours, but be on the lookout for monkeys and a beautiful display of wildlife as you venture further into the Amazon landscape.


When you arrive to Yachana, you will receive a warm welcome from our staff who will serve you a refreshing beverage and a snack while you are introduced to the lodge and the work of the foundation.


Dinner will be served at 7:00pm.

canoe on the river.JPG

Day 2

You second day will start early with bird watching in our open safari excursion truck.

Breakfast will be served afterwards. 

We'll visit a local farm and harvest fresh and local food favorites. We'll then return to the kitchen to prepare a traditional Ecuadorian meal for lunch.


After lunch, you will take a motorized canoe along the Napo River (it's one of the tributary waters for the Amazon River!). Enjoy the view and maybe get your feet wet!

Following, you will return to the lodge to relax and enjoy dinner at 7:00pm. After dinner, you will help make chocolate from the cacao beans to experience pure chocolate over bananas.

Day 3

After a traditional breakfast, you will go for a Jungle hike under the rainforest canopy. A knowledgeable guide will point out various wildlife and plant life. 80% of the our 1,000 hectares is primary rainforest.

Return to the lodge for lunch at 12:30

We'll spend the afternoon working on one of the current projects- perhaps building a bee hive, planting trees or harvesting crops, feeding livestock etc. 

After dinner, you will take a night walk to discover a different view of rainforest life.


Day 4

Following breakfast we'll take a drive and then a short hike into a waterfall and swimming hole. Bring your swimsuit and camera- it's a refreshing and beautiful place to be.

We'll be back for another tasty lunch. The afternoon is left open allowing for time to pull out a book, find a hammock or wade in the river.  A second jungle walk on a different new trail can be arranged if you'd like to see more.


The day will close with a final dinner and a relaxing last evening.

Day 5

After breakfast we say goodbye and you will take private transport for your departure to Quito or Coca. You can ak your driver about stopping at Witoca if you want to see a coffe farm and artisan coffee shop.

*Please be aware that Lodge activities may vary in order due to weather conditions, but rest assured. Your guide will do everything possible to maintain the  established itinerary whenever possible.


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