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We Are The
Yachana Foundation

Welcome to the Yachana Foundation! If you are looking to

EXPERIENCE the AMAZON and stay at our Lodge



you are in the perfect place.
Come to the Yachana Lodge. A Place of Learning.

Working in the Ecuadorian Amazon
Since 1992


Be a part of what we are doing.

We have activities that allow you to experience life in the Amazon, programs to aid in the protection of the jungle,  and opportunities to volunteer as an English teacher or help out with the Eco projects on site!

We've also been featured in National Geographic and the NY Times! Check it out!


Interested in seeing the Amazon?

The Yachana Lodge gives you an opportunity to experience the culture, beauty and biodiversity of the Amazon.

Tourism program

is an award-winning Geotourism destination!

  Geotourism sustains or enhances the distinctive geographical character of a place- It's environment, heritage, aesthetics, culture and the well-being of it's residents. We are focused on working with the people in the region and protecting the Amazon Rainforest. 


Come visit and

Yachana Lodge


Want to help protect the Amazon Rainforest?

Our Footprint for Life program allows you to offset your carbon footprint by giving to the protection of a piece of the Amazon jungle.


Or give a one time donation in the name of conservation. 

The moment is now.

Ecological Program

Become a protector of the AMAZON

The Yachana Footprint For Life program is creating an ecological corridor to link our 1,000 hectare (2,500 acre) reserve to a national park that is at a higher elevation, expanding the protected area, and allowing the migration of species through the area.

Give a one time donation to the Yachana Foundation. Maybe in your own name, or maybe to be made in honor of someone special in your life who loves the earth- perhaps at a birthday or anniversary, perhaps at death. It's a special and unique gift that keeps on giving.


Do you want to help?

**All Volunteer Opportunities are currently paused. Please check back in the coming months for more information**

We have several opportunities to volunteer! 

Come help us develop sustainable agriculture and eco projects that will our program and help to educate the rural community around us. 


OR come as a volunteer English teacher and help out at a rural community school! Open up their future to increased opportunities as you help kids to learn English. 

Social Programs

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