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We Are The
Yachana Foundation

Welcome to the Yachana Foundation, if you are looking to LIVE THE AMAZON, come to YACHANA LODGE, get involved in RAINFOREST CONSERVATION or contribute to SOCIAL PROGRAMS, you are in the perfect place.

Working in the Ecuadorian Amazon
Since 1992


See what we are doing.

You can be a part of the Yachana Community! 

We have activities in tourism, protection of the jungle, a special project for Older Adults in the region and educational programs.

Help, preserve, save.


Interested in knowing the Amazon?

The Yachana Lodge gives you an opportunity to know the cultures, customs and biodiversity of the Amazon.

Tourism program

Yachana Lodge

An award-winning Geotourism destination, focused on working with the people in the region and protecting the Amazon Rainforest.  Come, visit and


Are you offsetting your carbon footprint?

Your contribution makes a big difference in the care and protection of the Amazon. The moment is now.

Ecological Program

Yachana Foundation
Footprint For Life

Do you want to save the rainforest?

The Yachana Footprint For Life program is creating an ecological corridor to link our 1,000 hectare (2,500 acre) reserve to a national park that is at a higher elevation, expanding the protected area, and allowing the migration of species through the area.


Do you want to help people?

You can be involved in our Yachana program for older adults. Yachana is involving more than 300 older adults from our Amazon communities.  We are providing activities in our campus focused on agriculture, cooking, mechanics, and much more.  All designed to give feelings of self-worth, comradery and provide physical and mental stimulation. 

Social Programs

Yachana Foundation
Elderly Program

Each contribution serves to improve the lives of entire families, mainly the elderly in the Amazon.


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