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Did you know the carbon footprint per 100 grams of chocolate is:

~0.30 kg CO₂e

for Dark Chocolate

~0.48 kg CO₂e

for Milk and White Chocolate

What is Footprint For Life?

Footprint For Life is an initiative of the Yachana Foundation created to protect the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. It allows any citizen of the world to sponsor blocks of 1000 square feet (100 sq. meters)  with a donation of $50 USD

Your life block of 1,000 square feet (100 sq. meters) of tropical rainforest will offset 2.5 tons of CO2.¹

How Can You Make
A Difference?

When you purchase a life block of rainforest it is protected for life.

You decide how many plots you want to support. The plot will be in your name or a name of your choice for perpetuity and designated with GPS coordinates.

This project has a multiplier effect where the funds generated through the program will allow the trust to buy and protect additional rainforest. Investing in this program will give individuals and corporations the opportunity to promote their offset of CO2 and for them to know they are doing something positive to counteract the current rainforest crisis and protect the planet.

Who's In?

Mesa de trabajo 9 copia 2.png

MUZE is offsetting 1250 tons of CO2 by protecting 5 hectares of Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest.

September, 2021

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