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One dollar = One meter²

Every time you make a donation to the Yachana Foundation, you make possible environmental, social, and educational programs. Each dollar represents one square meter of protected Amazon Rainforest.

Yachana Foundation Amazon Rainforest Reserve

We currently have 1,000 hectares of Amazon Rainforest in our reserve. This has been accomplished with the foundation's 30-year work.

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New objective

If we connect our reserve with other national parks through ecological corridors, we can create a barrier to deforestation and allow animals to migrate freely between different environments.


How can we do it?

Buying the farms that are with us and registering them as part of the Yachana Rainforest Reserve.


What can you do?

With your donation we can achieve this goal, 5, 10, 20 dollars or the amount you prefer, all donations add up to this great goal. Thanks to your support, the Yachana Foundation will continue with the work of caring for the reserve.

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This is the time when the Amazon Rainforest needs your support. Thanks.

Yachana projects


After 6 years working as an environmental and cultural consultant for eight different oil companies in the Amazon region. Douglas McMeekin did a lot to help people and the environment, but with his strong social conviction he was not satisfied with this job, so he resigned and began the process of creating the Yachana Foundation.


The first contract for the foundation was in 1992 through the Ministry of Education with funding from UNICEF to build schools and do teacher training in 27 communities in the upper Napo River region.


In 1995, looking for a way for the Foundation to be self-sustaining, we created the YACHANA LODGE Company, the world renowned Geotourism facility on the Napo River.  The profit from the Lodge goes to the foundation to support its education program.  Yachana Lodge provides visitors with a window into the life of the people living in the Amazon Region.



In 1997, the foundation started the Mondaña Medical Clinic, the only health facility in the region at that time serving over 8,000 inhabitants.  Accessible only by canoe.


In 1998, Yachana Foundation started a comprehensive project working with farmers in three provinces in the cultivation of cacao.  The cacao project provided infrastructure and technical assistance in the planting and commercialization of 3,400 hectares of cacao for over 2,500 farmers in the Amazon region of the country.



In 2005, seeing the lack of relevant education for the youth from the Amazon, he started the YACHANA TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL.  This innovative, hands-on, practical education program provided students with the skills to gain work in the region without having to migrate to the cities or immigrate to other countries.  The world financial crisis forced the closure of this school in 2012.


In June 2008, Douglas McMeekin, Director of the Yachana Foundation, was selected as an Ashoka Fellow, a distinguished position and recognition as a leading social entrepreneur. 


The Foundation has an extensive micro credit program operating in five communities.  This has proved vitally important for local farmers who can not get conventional bank loans. 


After the earthquake of April 16, 2016 in Manabí, Ecuador; A construction training program was started with residents of the province, with the objective that these skills were applied in the reconstruction process, through an agreement with the national board of artisans, the participants obtained their respective title.


Constantly concerned with the destruction of the rainforest, the Foundation owns 1,000 hectares (2,500 acres) of rainforest that is designated as a protected forest and has created a conservation program to protect additional rainforest in the area.


For health reasons, Douglas sold the Yachana Lodge facilities in 2016, which were completely separated from the training and education program infrastructure.  With the funding from the sale, he has concentrated his energies on the training programs and a program for the elderly people in the provinces of Napo and Orellana.  The training facilities have dormitories for visitors so tourism will continue to be an important part of the program when people can again travel after the pandemic. 



The future of social and environmental protection depends on each one of us, we have created different participation programs for the Yachana Foundation to continue helping.


Do you want to know more about us before committing? Contact us.

Thank you, we will contact you soon with the answer.

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