Yachana Foundation

The relationship between the Yachana Foundation and Yachana Lodge is a hybrid of a Non-Profit Foundation and For-Profit Company.


We have structured an interesting way to manage our operation and guarantee the sustainability of the Ecuadorian Yachana Foundation.

The name Yachana means “a place for learning” in the indigenous Kichwa language.

The Yachana Foundation is dedicated to engaging communities in improving local livelihoods in the Amazon region of Ecuador through learning.

Yachana has spent 24 years implementing tangible improvements in local communities: education, training, community development, health, micro-enterprise and micro-finance while exposing needs to the world through its tourism programs.

Education and hands-on training programs provide locals with the skills to improve their lives and protect their rainforest.

Programs from Yachana schools and community outreach activities are dedicated to promoting conservation of the Amazon’s biodiversity through teaching sustainable use of natural resources, providing professional skills to improve employability, and mentoring management of student-run ecological enterprises.

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Subjects include eco-tourism, sustainable agriculture, computers, nutrition, forest and wildlife management and environmentally sustainable micro-enterprises.

Fundacionpara la Educacion y Desarrollo Integral YACHANA, Ecuador, is operated for charitable, educational and scientific activities.

Yachana Foundation USA is a legally recognized 501 C 3 not for profit foundation created to help fund the work of the Ecuadorian foundation.

If you would like to donate to Yachana Foundation please visit our partner GlobalGiving to see Yachana specific project.

Our Work & Impact

centro de capacitacion 4The Yachana Foundation was established in 1991 as a non‐profit organization committed to improving the lives of the indigenous and mestizo populations of the Ecuadorian Amazon through education and opportunity creation.

The foundation’s founder and executive director, Douglas McMeekin, (Ashoka) has worked for almost three decades to build the organization in an innovative and organic manner.

Today, Yachana Foundation is a dynamic non‐profit/for‐profit hybrid, recognized for its effectiveness. Today, the foundation consists of a portfolio of different programs and entwined businesses that has evolved over the years to support the foundation.

At its core are the Yachana Training Center and the Yachana Lodge.

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